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CSI E-Chronicle - September 2016

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New Products

  • UCT SpinFiltr
  • Camsco VLPC Tubes - MK

Featured Product

  • YMC-Triart HPLC Columns

New Literature



  • Restek Online Access to LC Column Certificates of Analysis

New Products

The latest addition to UCT’s QuEChERS line puts a new “spin” on dSPE. SpinFiltr™ combines the practice of conventional dSPE with the added benefit of ultrafiltration. UCT’s new format of dSPE salts paired with a 0.2µm filtration device, simultaneously removes unwanted matrix compounds and filters samples without the need for any additional steps. With traditional dSPE, analysts must pay close attention when removing the purified extracts from tubes as to not disrupt the layers formed during centrifugation. SpinFiltr™ not only eliminates this problem, but also allows analysts to recover additional sample without the salts getting in the way! 

1. Add
2. Vortex/Shake
3. Spin

Salts and unwanted matrix stay in the top chamber while purified extract is filtered and collected in the bottom portion of the tube. The chamber is discarded and analysts are left with only purified extract that is ready for analysis. 

Camsco VLPC Tubes - MK to confirm




NOW AVAILABLE: Online Access to LC Column Certificates of Analysis
To help reduce waste and give you easier access to your documentation, Restek will start providing certificates of analysis for our LC columns online instead of packing them with the product.
Electronic and archived on Restek’s servers, certificates will be available any time and from anywhere. You will no longer risk losing your certs, and you will no longer need filing cabinets and boxes full of paper... only an Internet connection. And, your information is protected because a serial # is required for viewing.
Restek will start transitioning to online documentation for our LC columns in August 2016. Certificates for these columns can be easily viewed, saved, and printed by visiting www.restek.com/documentation This website address will also be printed on the column boxes for future reference.