CSI E-Chronicle - September 2018

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Microsaic Systems – Mass Spectrometry Systems

Go where MS has never gone before, at a fraction of the price

Microsaic Systems' compact, easy to use mass spectrometer systems enable operators to make faster decisions about their reactions, to optimise overall productivity.

They offer a one-box solution for MS detection: by combining the vacuum system, the electronics, a computer and a quadrupole-on-a-chip, the 4500 MiD® delivers conventional MS performance in a package that can be easily deployed anywhere. 

  • Easily interfaced with HPLC, Prep LC, Nano LC, CE or flash chromatography systems
  • Can be deployed on-line, off-line or in-process
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Single quadrupole with a mass range of up to 1400 m/z
  • Small footprint enables deployment virtually anywhere (lab, field, mobile applications, etc.)
  • Fully integrated with no external modules
  • Toolless front end
  • 2 ionisation modes, positive and negative electrospray ionisation source
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.3 m/z in full scan
  • Sensitivity of 10pg for reserpine at a S/N of 10:1
  • Dynamic range of 3-4 orders of magnitude
  • All of that for less than 1/3 of the price of a conventional MS system! 


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Biotage - TurboVap® II and TurboVap® LV Solvent Extractors

The next generation of solvent extractors featuring the patented sheared vortex technology.

  • Flexible rack:  A novel and innovative feature of the new TurboVap® II and LV is the Multi Rack system that can be fully adjusted for a variety of tube and vial sizes, from 1.5mL to 60mL for the TurboVap® LV and from 50mL to 200mL for the TurboVap® II
  • Removable adjustable nozzles: Easily replaceable individual nozzles allow for quick, easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Independent gas flow control: Each row can individually be turned on or off depending on the number of samples, allowing for reduced gas consumption if the unit is not full
  • Flow gradient: Flow gradients can be programmed to gradually increase as evaporation occurs, decreasing the amount of time it takes to reach the desired end-point, without splashing
  • Acid resistant version: for demanding applications involving the use of aggressive acids and bases, upgraded versions of both the TurboVap® II and TurboVap® LV are available, featuring PTFE coated needles and manifolds
  • Illuminated water tank with indicator:  the 3 sided glass reservoir allows for monitoring the evaporation process without having to interrupt it
  • Reduced footprint: the footprint has been reduced by 30% while maintaining the same number of samples as the previous versions of the unit.

Chromatographic Specialties Inc. is the authorized repair depot for TurboVap® Systems in Canada.  Our professional in-house Instrumentation Specialists provide free expert advice, and affordable service and support.


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LGC - Mikromol and LoGiCal Reference Standards

Their portfolio of over 100,000 products supports a wide range of sectors including Pharmaceutical, Forensic and Clinical.  Most of their standards are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34.  Some categories of standards also have the ISO 17065, ISO 17043 and ISO 17034 certification.


  • The Mikromol brand contains over 5000 API standards for main ingredients and their known impurities for the pharmaceutical and clinical markets
  • The LoGiCal brand has over 5000 standards for forensic testing, including the latest drugs of abuse
  • 5 to 30 new products are released every month to ensure that you are able to stay up to date with new analytical challenges


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Optimize Technologies -  EXP®2 Ti-Lok™ LC Fitting with Integral Ferrule

One easy way to make UHPLC connections:

  • One-piece fitting eliminates loose ferrules
  • One fitting for all common UHPLC tubing
  • Reuse One fitting for many connections


The EXP®2 Ti-LOK™ Fitting with Integral Ferrule offers LC connections that can be hand tightened to 18,000+ psi (1,250+ bar). These fittings are ideal for making HPLC and UHPLC connections that easily fit into tight spaces such as injection valves, column couplers, sample loops and column ovens.

The EXP®2 Ti-LOK™ Fittings feature built-in PEEK ferrules and threaded nuts precision machined from titanium. The new fitting combines the superior corrosion resistance and robustness of titanium with the sealing capability of PEEK. Utilizing a unique geometric design, the fittings firmly press tubing against the tube stop of any instrument port, creating a zero dead volume (ZDV) connection. The ferrule does not permanently swage to the tubing, allowing for many repeat connections and the ability to adjust the tubing to different port depths. Compatible with PEEK, PEEKsil®, Hastelloy C and stainless steel tubing.


  • Hand-Tight to 18,000+ psi (1,250+ bar)
  • Intended for many repeat uses
  • Auto-adjusting zero-dead-volume connection
  • Titanium nut with integral PEEK ferrule - one-piece fitting
  • Robust design offering superior corrosion resistance
  • Releases tubing for easy repositioning into different ports
  • No more cut-off and replacement of swaged ferrules
  • Simple and versatile - can be used in all LC applications
  • Compatible with PEEK, PEEKsil, Hastelloy C and stainless steel tubing
  • Made in the USA


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Restek - Merlin Microseal Septa for SPME Arrow

Solid phase microextraction (SPME) is a fast, automated sample preparation technology that reduces sample handling, extraction time, and solvent consumption, making it a popular choice in environmental, food, and clinical laboratories. In addition to our industry-leading columns, liners, and accessories, Restek offers Merlin Microseal Septa for SPME:

  • Eliminates septum coring and prolongs septum life
  • Consistently low needle-insertion force
  • Simple installation with no injection port modification

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Premier Magnesia - Amphomag® Universal Spill Neutralizer with pH Indicator

  • Universal:  use a single product for all spills - neutralize acids or bases, adsorb liquids, control odours and neutralize gases
  • Built-in pH indicator:  colour turns to red for acids or blue for bases and gradually changes to yellow or green as spill is neutralized
  • Safe to handle:  requires no special precautions
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals or the environment
  • Cost effective

This single product can be applied in an emergency situation to safely and easily control hazardous releases.  The spilled material doesn’t require identification before Amphomag® is applied. 


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Biotage - TurboVap® Trade-In Offer

Don't let solvent evaporation be the bottleneck in your laboratory!

Until October 1st, 2018, trade in your existing evaporation system to receive a significant credit towards the purchase of a new TurboVap® II or TurboVap® LV evaporation system.


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Restek - Feed your need for speed with Raptor 1.8 µm SPP UHPLC columns

SPP or “core-shell” columns provide fast, efficient LC separations, and Raptor SPP columns pair this speed with superior performance. Read on as we explore the peak capacity, column lifetime, and selectivity benefits of Raptor 1.8 µm columns.

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Restek - How to Diagnose GC Septum Bleed Contamination Sources: Could it be Your Vial Cap?


  • Identifying vial cap septum bleed prevents lengthy inlet troubleshooting
  • Reduce interference with correct solvent-septum compatibility

When septum bleed occurs, it is observed as sharp, repetitive peaks in high temperature portions of an analysis. Bleed peaks can come from either the inlet septum or the vial cap septum. Interfering peaks and inaccurate data can result, so it is important to cor­rectly identify the source and to understand how to eliminate or minimize the bleed.

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Restek – Why Does My GC Need Clean Gas?

Clean gas is pretty important to gas chromatography, but what contaminants should we be most concerned with? We’ll discuss common contaminants and what we should try to manage with different carrier and fuel gasses.

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