Ace Glass

Filtration Apparatus,75mm membranes 

Product Description

  • Borosilicate glass filtration apparatus accomodates 75mm membrane filters. The new design utilizes a PTFE Ace-Thred adapter to join the glass funnel, filter flask and fritted disc together. This design eliminates the need for the clamping device, stopper and base. The unit is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. The fritted disc can be easily replaced and other porosity discs used. The apparatus is easier to use and more economical than old designs.

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
GA370802 75mm membrane filtration apparatus includes 2000mL filter flask with Ace-Safe connection, 1000mL graduated funnel, porosity C (25-50 micron) fritted disc, PTFE adapter and retaining ring Each -- Add to Cart
GA370810 1000mL graduated funnel, #80 Ace-Thred bottom Each -- Add to Cart
GA370814 PTFE adapter, #80 Ace-Thred male with 75mm filter support to #50 male Ace-Thred with drip tip Each -- Add to Cart
GA370816 75mm retaining ring, PTFE, fits 3708-14 adapter Each -- Add to Cart
GA370820 Filtration flask, 2000mL, #50 Ace-Thred top, #15 Ace-Safe side port Each -- Add to Cart

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