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BTO® CenterGuide Septa

Product Description

  • BTO is bleed and temperature optimized for the most demanding GC and GC-MS applications: it is the finest GC septum we have tested. Septa BTO is formulated to extend low bleed and outstanding mechanical properties of premium GC septa to the highest-temperature applications. It retains remarkable softness and pierceability at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed, and has been optimized to reduce injection port adhesion.


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C37017 Septa, BTO, 11mm, CenterGuide 50 -- Add to Cart
C37018 Septa, BTO, 11mm, CenterGuide 100 -- Add to Cart
C37035 Septa, BTO, Plug Style, CenterGuide, for Shimadzu 50 -- Add to Cart
C37036 Septa, BTO, 9mm, CenterGuide 50 -- Add to Cart
C37039 Septa, BTO, 11.5mm, CenterGuide 50 -- Add to Cart
C37500 Septa, BTO, 5mm, CenterGuide 50 -- Add to Cart
C37508 Septa, BTO, 17mm, CenterGuide 50 -- Add to Cart
C37533 Septa, BTO, 12.7mm, CenterGuide 50 -- Add to Cart

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