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ZPure™ M PolyGas II Filter, 1/4" SS Compression Fittings

Product Description

  • The ZPure™ M PolyGas II Purifier is a 3.8 Liter (3800cc) 316SS canister that removes H2O, CO2, halogenated compounds, siloxanes, hydrocarbons heavier than butane, sulfur-containing molecules, ammonia and other gases . It can be used to purify inert gases, He, Ar, N2, and H2, and clean dry air (CDA), to low-ppb levels. It is recommended for any application requiring ultra-pure gas free from water and hydrocarbons.


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Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C37288MSS ZPure M PolyGas II Filter, 1/4" SS Compression Fittings Each -- Add to Cart

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