VICI Caps – GL38 Threads

Product Description

  • GL38 caps seal to the bottle with an O-ring (EPDM) which is resistant to commonly used HPLC solvents. If improved chemical resistance is required (e.g. for halogenated hydrocarbons), order an FEP-coated O-ring separately.
  • One port is suitable for 1/16" tubing. All other ports can fit 1/8" and 1/16" OD tubing. A bottom-sealing barbed adapter to connect a 1/8" (3.2 mm) ID tubing can be ordered separately. Unused ports should be closed with 1/4-28 plugs.
  • Color-coded PP sleeves fit on all ports on 2 and 3 port caps. With 4 port caps, the use of PP sleeves is limited to two sleeves per cap. (Four colors are included.)

Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
C44S13001 VICI Cap GL38, 2 ports, incl. nuts & ferrules Each -- Add to Cart
C44S13002 VICI Cap GL38, 3 ports, incl. nuts & ferrules Each -- Add to Cart
C44S13003 VICI Cap GL38, 4 ports, incl. nuts & ferrules Each -- Add to Cart
C44S13011 VICI-Cap GL38, 2 ports, M10x1 + 1/4"-28 Each -- Add to Cart
C44S40006 Adapter Ring, PTFE, VICI Caps GL38 Each -- Add to Cart
C44S40007 Plug, PTFE, 1/2"-20, for C44CFL4D Each -- Add to Cart
C44S40009 O-Ring, FEP coated, GL38 Caps Each -- Add to Cart

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