X-TRACTION® PFAS Extraction System

Product Description

  • PFAS analysis requires special conditions, also during sample preparation, such as PFAS blank value freedom from all materials and equipment used. The analyte spectrum is constantly expanding, so more and more long-chain PFAS are coming into focus. The extraction of PFAS analytes from solids according to the current draft of the US EPA 1633 has shown that the long-chain PFAS and neutral sulfonamides cannot be sufficiently recovered in conventional cold extraction by shaking out. When extracted via X-TRACTION® as a PFAS version (guaranteed blank value-free!) by means of Pressurised Fluid Extraction (PFE), these reduced findings of long-chain PFAS could be significantly improved. The X-TRACTION® PFAS system offers many advantages:
  • Easiest handling
  • Short extraction times
  • Solvent-saving process
  • Quick installation with "Plug & Use"
  • Extremely low maintenance


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
LCT19700PFAS Extraction Cell, PFAS-version, nominal volume 75 mL, ready to use consists of cell body, two lids, 2 O-rings and 2 stainless steel filters (no glass fiber filters) Each -- Add to Cart
LCT20002PFAS X-TRACTION® PFAS Extraction system, based on pressurized fluid extraction technology, complete, with rinsing cell, but without Extraction cell Each -- Add to Cart

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