Technical Staff

All of our products are supported by a network of Product Support Specialists, Instrumentation Representatives and Technical Sales Reps. These individuals have all been selected for their strong and diverse chromatographic and laboratory backgrounds. Their combined expertise is available to assist you with product selection, product equivalencies, troubleshooting, tips and general inquiries.

Technical Sales Representatives

Chromatography & Instrumentation Products

Andrew Seto

Andrew Seto

Technical Sales Representative

Territory: Southwestern Ontario

Contact: - 1-800-267-8103 x 401

Daniel Furlong

Daniel Furlong

Technical Sales Representative

Territory: Quebec

Contact: - 1-800-267-8103 x 405

Neal Purdie

Neal Purdie

Technical Sales Manager

Territory: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Contact: - 1-800-267-8103 x 408

Sean Ogston

Sean Ogston

Business Development Manager

Territory: Atlantic Canada

Contact: - 1-800-267-8103 x 331

To contact any of our Technical Sales Representatives, call 1-800-267-8103 or email them at

Our Technical Support Team

Think of them not so much as Chromatographic Specialties' technical support team, but rather YOUR technical support team.

Don Akey

  • New Team Member

Matt Clark

  • LC Products and Accessories

Mike Klimas

  • GC Products and Accessories
  • SPE and Sample Preparation Products and Accessories
  • Column Packings

Valérie Blais

  • Chemical Standards (Organic, Inorganic, and Proficiency Testing)

To contact any of our Technical Support staff, call 1-800-267-8103 or email them at

Instrumentation Representatives

Our Instrumentation Representatives are able to provide consultation on applications, system design and system troubleshooting. They are also available to do on-site installation and repairs.

Todd Crossman

Instrumentation Specialist

  • Gas Chromatographs and Accessories
  • Pyrolysis

Valérie Blais

Instrumentation Specialist

Yves Bouchard

Instrumentation Supervisor

  • HPLC Systems and Accessories
  • Automated Sample Preparation

To contact any of our Instrumentation staff, call 1-800-267-8103 or email them at