Young In Chromass (YL Instruments)

YL6900 GC/MS Mass Spectrometer

Product Description

  • Extended operation and lifetime of the dual filament by high performance ion source
  • Lower detection limits for trace-level compounds by the powerful tuning protocols
  • Highly stable vacuum zone with high capacity vacuum system to enable analysis for running large numbers of environmental samples
  • A powerful tuning process to enhance sensitivity, stability and reproducibility of MS results
  • A simultaneous sample injection with optimized full scanning and selected ion mode
  • Ultra fast scanning speed (20,000 amu/sec)
  • A deflecting electrode to eliminate neutral particles reaching the detection system improves the MSD sensitivity and enhance S/N ratio.
  • Chemical Ionization and Direct Sample probe (DIP) is available
  • YL-Clarity software offers easy control of the GC/MS and supports the NIST mass spectral library


Product Options

Product Number Description Package Size List Price (CAD)
YL6501011440 YL6900 MS, Mass-Spectrometric detector including built-in turbomolecular pump 240L/sec Each -- Add to Cart
YL6501011460 YL6900 MS, Mass-Spectrometric detector including turbomolecular pump 300L/sec Each -- Add to Cart

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